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Parent Engagement Program - Title I

 Alicia Goodine Montford
Alicia Montford Parent Coordinator at Lindsey Elementary School

My name is Alicia Montford and I am your Parent and Family Engagement Coordinator. I am located in room 513 and can be reached at 478-929-7818 ext. 45319 or by email at I look forward to working with each of you as Lindsey Elementary is here to love, care, and serve you!


Title One Handbooks are available!

Click on the titles below:

Title One Handbook in English

Title One Handbook in Spanish


Become a Volunteer!


Volunteering at Lindsey is fun, easy, and important to the success of our students! All Houston County School System volunteers are required to pass a background check and complete volunteer training.


Clearance is good for five years and accepted at all schools in the county. A background check application is available here in English or Spanish, in the front office or in the Parent Resource Center. Please feel free to contact Alicia Montford at 478-929-7818 ext. 45319 if you have any questions about your clearance status or how you can volunteer. We look forward to having you here! 

Allow 3-4 weeks for processing.

Click on link(s) below for Background Check forms:

Background Check in English

Background Check in Spanish



Georgia School Grades Reports:


Parent Action Team (P.A.T.)

Parent input is a vital component of the Title I Program. We invite parents and family members to join the Parent Action Team (PAT) which meets twice per year.

The purpose of the PAT is to develop and revise Title I documents such as the Parent and Family Engagement plan and the School-Parent compact. Parent suggestions are always welcomed and encouraged throughout the school year and from the Parent Satisfaction Survey every spring.

Your input also guides the planning of the workshops and activities for the next school year which we include in our school's Parent and Family Engagement Plan. We gladly welcome your input and ideas!

Join us in the media center on the following dates @ 4:30pm:

December 11, 2018 February 27, 2019




We welcome your comments and feedback on our school and our programs. Please contact Alicia Montford, Parent and Family Engagement Coordinator at 478-929-7818 ext. 45319 or complete this Parent Feedback Form. 

Click on link below to complete the Parent Feedback form:



Title One Documents:

Lindsey Elementary School is a Title I school.  To discover more about Title I, please visit the Houston County Board of Education's website or click on the links below.


District Parent and Family Engagement Plan

LES District School Improvement Plan 2018-2019

Title 1 Complaint Procedure 

School Compacts:

Kindergarten School Compact                          3rd grade School Compact

Spanish School Compact-Kinder                      Spanish School Compact-3rd

1st grade School Compact                               4th grade School Compact

Spanish School Compact-1st                            Spanish School Compact-4th 

2nd grade School Compact                             5th grade School Compact

Spanish School Compact-2nd                         Spanish School Compact-5th